Pulse August 2017 - Page 56

A Day in the Life! (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 52) the people in it,” Blanco told us. Here’s a look at a typical day in the life of Richard Blanco: ★ 10 – 11 am Wake up next my dog, Joey, microwave some espresso from the night before, and then brew another pot, and another! ★ 11 am – Noon Answer emails about everything from booking flights to speaking invitations to interviews. ★ Noon – 1 pm Walk Joey in the park, do errands in town ★ 1 – 2 pm Feed Joey. Prepare my lunch (I’m transitioning into a vegetarian, except for pork-Cubans have to have their pork!) Sit down to eat in my man cave, hopefully catch a rerun of The Brady Bunch or I Love Lucy. ★ 2 – 5 pm More emails, plus Facebook posts. Or write if I’m in an intense writing mode or obsessed with a particular poem that’s giving me trouble. ★ 5 – 6 pm Down-time – watch more reruns or news, and take a power nap ★ 7 – 8 pm Gym ★ 8 – 10 pm Walk, feed Joey. Shower (love my Tea Tree shampoo). Floss (hate it). Make dinner. Eat with my husband Mark and chat about each other’s day. ★ 10 pm – ??? Write, write, write at the kitchen table, in my office, sprawled on the floor with my cat, on the back porch, or in the bathroom – wherever and whatever it takes! Write until I start to fall asleep at the keyboard, around 3 am. n 2017 ISPA CONFERENCE & EXPO Hear Richard Blanco recite an original poem written just for the ISPA community. GENERAL SESSION H MONDAY, OCT. 16 9:30 a.m.