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it hard to make that switch from anxious to calm. But what our bodies and brains can do is change a negative high-arousal emotion into a positive high-arousal emotion. So, the next time you’re feeling anxious, rather than tell yourself to calm down, say to yourself that you’re excited. Research has shown that this is very effective. P: How do the methods you lay out in Presence help people become better leaders? C: When we are present – that is, when we are bringing our authentic best self to interactions with other people – we are liberating them to be present, as well. So as leaders, we should want to bring out the best in those who work with and for us. If we’re distracted, we simply can’t do that. People can’t be present and authentic with a leader who isn’t present and authentic with us. So when you are present and engaged it makes it much easier for others to reciprocate and that creates value for everyone. P: In addition to being a social psychologist and a professor at Harvard Business School, you are also a classically trained ballet dancer. How does ballet influence your work? C: Ballet and all forms of dance are really all about communi- cation through body language. Without words, any audience can watch dance and infer the story. In a way, dance is the most evolved form of body language. P: Your book includes stories of people who saw your TED Talk and changed their lives. Do you have a favorite of these stories, and if so can you describe it? C: I have countless favorites so I will just share one and this is something that someone actually told me today. A woman who had been the victim of domestic violence for a long time and who had left that abusive relationship was trying to start from scratch in a new country. She told me that the lessons that she took from both my book and talks, she applies every day and, as she explains it, “they give me the confidence to believe that I deserve to have a better life and to make that happen.” This woman now shares her own story with others and told me that recently another domestic abuse survivor came to her and said, “I keep your picture on my desk as inspiration.” n LET’S GET PERSONAL Favorite power pose: Vintage wonder woman—it’s classic. Greatest role model: My greatest role model is also one of my closest friends, Susan Cain. She thinks and cares so deeply and she doesn’t buy into rushing to get things done. She takes the time she needs to do them with love and do them well and at the same time, she never forgets the people she loves. You have a random day off, what do you do? Whether it’s a work day or not, I rarely start my day without sharing a cup of coffee with my husband, who hand grinds and makes a cup for me every morning. I would never give that up. After that, if I could be anywhere in the world, I would either be hiking or skiing in the mountains… probably in Colorado with my family. Favorite spa treatment: HydraFacial! Most interesting place ever visited: The most interesting is Lofoten, a Norwegian island above the Arctic Circle. It is beyond description: it is stunning, the people are wonderful and open, and it’s unlike any other place I’ve been. WATCH CUDDY IN ACTION Click here to watch her TED Talk. We dare you not to be inspired. 2017 ISPA CONFERENCE & EXPO Be Present. Don’t miss Cuddy at the OPENING GENERAL SESSION H MONDAY, OCT. 16 9:30 – 11 a.m. August 2017 ■ PULSE 31