Pulse August 2017 - Page 24

MEMBER PERSPECTIVES (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21) demands, Buddha Spa is currently transi- tioning all appointments to an online booking and scheduling platform. This online system will also include an on- demand booking app that will allow therapists to make themselves available when customers need them. “On-demand spa services has become such a huge trend world-wide, so we are jumping on the opportunity to allow our therapists to take control of their customers. This new system will keep both clients and thera- pists from going elsewhere and literally allow Buddha Spa to be in the palm of our customers’ hands.” Albanesi plans to hire additional on- demand therapists to meet the expected increase in services once this app is launched in September. The existing Buddha Spa online training program, complete with manuals, video instruction and quizzes, will serve as a tool to keep both full-time and on- demand therapists on the same page. To market this new service, as well as keep existing Buddha Spa locations top of mind to customers, Albanesi is using Facebook, Instagram, email marketing and the company’s blog. “We also frequently make partnerships with social media influencers so they can introduce Buddha Spa to their followers,” he adds. The key is to keep Buddha Spa at the forefront of people’s minds so when someone in Brazil thinks spa, they think Buddha Spa. n SPA QUICK FACTS Facilities/amenities: 30 locations in Brazil Percentage of guests (male vs. female): 36 percent male vs. 64 percent female Number of full-time spa staff: 305 Product lines used: Smart Spa (our own cosmetic line) Most used marketing channel: Internet—social media, email marketing, etc. Website: buddhaspa.com.br and smartspa.com.br Phone Number: +55.11.9754.85555 Facebook: facebook.com/buddhaspa Instagram: @buddhaspa Left: The Buddha Spa waiting areas all take cues from traditional Asian decor. Right: As on-demand therapy grows, Buddha Spa is striving to be on the forefront with both its people and technology. 22 PULSE ■ August 2017