Pulse August 2017 - Page 22

MEMBER PERSPECTIVES Buddha Spa Creating Unity Through Education and Technology razil has the fastest growing spa industry in South America, it’s also in the top 20 wellness tourism markets in the world. With such a large chunk of Latin America’s spa market, Brazil is a breeding ground for a day spa franchise system like Buddha Spa. With over 30 locations throughout Brazil, Buddha Spa has become the B largest day spa franchise in the country. That growth is exciting for Gustavo Albanesi, managing partner of Buddha Spas, but it also presents quite a few challenges. Albanesi gives a little insight on keeping up with the people and the times in such a vibrant wellness market. Keeping a Cohesive Unit As the largest day spa network in Brazil, Buddha Spa must always strive to The Buddha Spa aesthetic is elegant and sophisticated, no matter which location you're in. 20 PULSE ■ August 2017 replicate impeccable customer service and experience across 30 locations. “People management, I believe, is always a challenge when we speak about franchises,” says Albanesi. “We dedicate large investments and a lot of effort in training not only therapists and recep- tionists, but also franchisees, so we can guarantee our quality and standards.” The goal behind Buddha Spa’s franchise program is to allow entrepre- neurs to realize their dreams of owning their own business, while keeping the Buddha Spa brand cohesive. To achieve both goals, the company offers training every six months, both in-person and online. Job satisfaction and retention is also extremely important to Albanesi’s franchise system. He wants employees to learn and grow within the Buddha Spa network. Quality spa employees are currently lacking all over the world, so keeping skilled and knowledgeable workers in-house is vital to each franchise’s survival, which is why Buddha Spa has such a strong career