Pulse #3, Feb 16 2944 - Page 9

Posters on both sides of the debate thanked Ben for taking the time to address the issue. Some agreed that CIG was doing more than enough to keep the community informed, while others answered Ben’s request for feedback with suggestions on how communication could be improved. One of the latter, Thirdstar, responded “If you don’t mind me weighing in here, I think the problem is that in the last month or so there has been a larger than average amount of lore taking up the majority of what one would call updates. As has been pointed out in the threads you reference, WMH is not seen to dispense as much information as some people would like. I love 10 FTC but even that had some repeat questions last time. Jump Point is technically behind a paywall and the Ask A Dev forum can sometimes be seen as a one man show run by Dave Haddock. I want to be clear that I’m playing Devil’s Advocate here.” ...we are committed to upping the game in terms of the quality of information - Chris roberts On the other hand, Dimestore replied, “They could ALWAYS tell us more and there will ALWAYS be people complaining that they should be. As Ben said in his response: they have 5+ posts of content a week plus Ask the Devs threads plus 2 video shows a week. The level of communication from CIG is simply and clearly staggering by any measure. I should clarify that I’m not saying that they can’t give us any info on DFM progress, I just want people to keep their expectations of the level of detail realistic.” Forum moderator AD, posting unofficially as a neutral observer, said to both sides, “Having seen many of these threads, and seen many of the updates that have become available since the dogfighting demo, and read through a number of the comments here, I don’t think the issue is even the amount or even the kind of information we’ve received, it’s that some of the audience doesn’t understand what they’ve seen or how it relates to the area of the game they’re most interested in (which is typically the persistent universe or straight up pew pew dogfighting.) Realistically, we haven’t had much more meat in an episode of Wing Man’s Hangar than we did this week but for some reason, since Wednesday, these threads have sprung up like weeds… Let’s not forget the modular nature of the release either and that by nature some things are going to be ready to show sooner than others, and some part of the game (like net-code backend software) do not have a visual component at all and take time. So while I’m all for eye candy let’s try and temper our expectations a little, and if CIG reads this, the details in the fabric are sometimes only seen with the right lens. Perhaps a way of explaining the significance of what you are showing would be a way of meeting people halfway.” At this point, Chris Roberts himself responded. The full post can be found in the thread, but the key points are as follows: “I’m proud of the frequency and amount of information we share. I get it that most people are so excited for the game that even at this quantity it is not enough information on Star Citizen. Based on the forum and organization activity, even if we were a 24/7 operation in terms of sharing information with the community it would probably still not be enough! This is a high class problem to have :-) I know it’s easy for people to off handily throw out that it should only take a few minutes to update the community as we’re sharing existing work but if you ask yourself honestly you will realize that’s being unfair. To put it in context if you ever had to prepare a report for school, or a presentation for your boss and wanted to impress would you only spend a few minutes on it? Typically it will take between 1 and 1/2 day of a developers time to sho