Pulse #3, Feb 16 2944 - Page 8

On February 7th a thread appeared on the RSI forums titled “CGI: please continue to honor the pledge,” in which the poster author wrote “Ref. the lack of progress reports, updates etc. following new year” accompanied by the following image: CGI: COMMUNICATION GREAT? INADEQUATE? BY FEYLAN Early in the thread, TigerHeart responded that they hadn’t seen any sign of the pledge not being upheld, writing that “1) We get more information than any alpha or beta I have ever been involved with in the past and that past goes back to the 1990’s when I was in beta for Ultima Online 2) They are still releasing information at a regular rate, in less than 1 hour from me posting this go to this link to see information on ship guns being made for the game.” Other members who did agree with the original poster argued that, on the core issue – updates on the game’s development and progress towards the various modules – the OP was correct, no matter how much nondevelopment info CIG might have released. Bulldog posted, “How about some screenshots and video instead of old concept art? How about less ‘we can’t tell you because it has to be secret’? WMH hasn’t shown anything new. A 10 minute special on your meetings shows planning..great. 10FTC is about future plans and what ‘wi