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GOLD MINE BY BLUE Check this thread out and see if the possibility of crafting in SC matters to you. They won’t know unless you tell them. Ideas and opinions, positive or negative, are valuable to concept testing in development. CIG wants to know. xAcemanx (Aceman) SLAVERY AND SLAVE TRADE Among the many categories and threads on the RSI Forums, Boy is this a thorny question. Slavery and the Slave Trade one shines as bright as GOLD; the “GAME IDEAS” category. are already in Star Citizen according to general information Why, you may ask? A few examples: already posted by CIG. But how extensive will it be in the actual game? Merely a ‘label’ for a background criminal activity? Or an interactive mechanic for players? Here your Khulgar ideas, suggestions and opinions are VERY relevant to game List Favorite Weapons and Gear for Boarding development. Jump in and make yourself known. Do you have a favorite weapon or piece of gear for FPS? Then cruise through this list and just add your own favorite [BCP]Seraph (Seraph84) weapon/gear to the list. It’s like a vote - let the Devs know MELEE COMBAT what YOU want. Is this a subject worth discussing or what? So here it is!!! Full on FPS like “DOOM”? 3rd person combat like “WOW”? Or can you switch back and forth? Better get in on this thread if you want to have a say in this discussion. The Devs NEED your feedback so jump in and tell them how YOU feel about Melee. Don’t be shy or wait for everybody else to do the posting. Your vote (and opinion) really count. Mushroom_Cloud MEDICAL Chaser711 Pirate Attacks - You Win! Mushroom’s thread about medicine and medical supplies, ie healing, in Star Citizen. Discussion on how medicine and medical treatment should work in SC. We already know about cyber limbs and scars. So how far and how intricate should healing be in SC? Immediate? Long Term (game time)? Get yourself in a Mushroom mood and post your hazy thoughts (just an idea or opinion will do)! This thread discusses the possibility of an attack on you by a pirate in which you beat the socks off of him. At that point Serrath do you take all his stuff? By LAW that makes you a thief. What game rules should be applied (if any)? Discuss this SPACE SPIDERS subject and give your opinion. Tell the devs BEFORE they OK, this may sound like one of those ‘silly’ threads. However, decide, rather than squawking afterwards. it is a serious discussion of a game mechanic with multiple applications to regular gameplay. While exploring old ruins you may find something besides pirates or artifacts, such NewLexican as…? At least give this thread a look and see what you think. Investigative Game Play Are you a Sherlock Holmes? Want to test your mental metal? Like connect-the-dots information (clues) webs? Test your puzzle solving prowess or be borrrrring? Pro or Con, the devs want to know in advance of mission planning, especially for the PU. Give the devs your opinion, we all have one. S_Bowman CRAFTING A strong, well ‘crafted’ layout for a crafting system in Star Citizen. Opinions vary widely from ‘do not care’ to ‘right on!’. I know this is just a small set of examples, but guess what? If any of these posts have caught your interest, then I have accomplished my mission of steering you toward the true “GOLD MINE” in the Star Citizens Forums. If you’re up for reading about some of the wildest, and golden ideas flowing out of the mine then dive in like Scrooge into the money bin. You will not be disappointed - or bored! INFORMATION -03-