Pulse #3, Feb 16 2944 - Page 3

Our Contributors Hello Citizen, Welcome to the third issue of Pulse Magazine! Once again we are sporting a new look thanks to the great feedback of our readers, so keep those opinions coming; we're always looking to improve for you. This issue was a tough one to put together. There have been a lot of hot topics in the forums over the past few weeks, and making sure we gave everyone a voice was a difficult balancing act. In this last week, there has also been a huge amount of news to cover, and we’ve been working in overdrive to cram as much of it in as we can. This Pulse was still being put together in the final minutes and seconds before it was uploaded, so what you are reading right now is as hot off the presses as it comes! There are two new buttons at the bottom of this page. One is a link to the magazine in PDF form. This is a feature that has been requested quite frequently, so we hope you enjoy it. It's a full resolution high definition copy, so it can be used to make pixel-perfect physical copies, Our Editors The other is a currently greyed-out donation button. We have had a number of readers ask if they could donate to Pulse, so we've begun preparing to make that possible. As always, Pulse will never stop being free, and donators won't receive any special content or perks. Any donations will be used to improve our hosting, so all of our readers can enjoy Pulse in a more accessible, higher quality format. Thanks to all of our contributors to this issue, you have all done an incredible job of improving the magazine in ways I never imagined. We're always looking for more contributors though, so make sure to contact us if you're interested in writing an article, some fan fiction, creating some fan art, or editing for us. I hope you enjoy this Pulse, and as always thank you for reading it! - Feylan 1