Pulse #3, Feb 16 2944 - Page 15

I want to make sure that all my info is 100% legit at all times. I make a mistake on my wording or my own understanding of a thing when I’m putting it in my own words from time to time but I always take that info straight from the source. The format of my show is 100% out of my own head as I had not even seen another “news” show when I started Hull Truth. It was very hard to find anything like it. I spend anywhere from 4 to 6 hours doing research (not counting the random research I do throughout the week as I follow the content myself). I then write a script. That takes around 4 to 6 hours because I do some story boarding to see how things will look and feel and plan my pacing and the things that will show on the screen during each section. I then record the dialogue using a terrible setup hah. I have a 20 inch monitor taped to a microphone stand, behind my camera that I read from. Some days my eyes just have a hard time reading the word doc on the screen and it causes me to end up with a lot of takes which increases the time the edit takes. Recording usually takes about an hour. I then do all the editing in Sony Vegas Pro (because it’s the only editing software I know how to use at all and I can’t afford Premier!). The editing takes 6 to 10 hours depending on how many cuts and bits I have to add in. I’m self taught at all of this and the only part of it I consider myself GOOD at is sound. I’m a self-taught sound engineer and have done on-set sound recording for indie productions. Sadly, I do not have the mic I need to make this show sound amazing. I’m saving up for that now. PULSE: Is The Hull Truth a one man show, or do you have help? I hear you’re putting together a journalism division for gathering information in-game, are there many aspiring journalists in your ranks? WES: Surprisingly enough, there are VERY FEW people who want to do real journalism for a video game! It’s extremely time consuming and up for much scrutiny as well as, it doesn’t pay you a dime. I don’t blame them really. We’re still a long way out from the release of the game and I will be running The Hull Truth indefinitely, as long as I can afford to do it. When the game does release, my plan is to have a small team of journalists reporting from inside the game as well. If there’s enough information, it will turn into two different shows. One to recap the weekly game news like Hull Truth does now and one to recap all the happenings within the game world as well. So if you’re a wannabe journalist out there and you want a job that pays nothing, let me know! As far as the rest of our Organization goes, we’re up to 225 members and last time I checked, 16th overall largest out of over 12,000 organizations. We have a really detailed layout on our forums for the divisions we will run within our org and plan to have a structure that allows everyone to get what they want out of the game with the help of our brilliant, respectful and non-elitist community. Our org’s #1 priority for Star Citizen is building community. I have run very large, successful guilds in other games in the past that operated at the top of the food chain for world and server firsts and plan to do this in Star Citizen as well. The main difference in us and other top level guilds is that we do this without being jerks or elitists. WES: Hull Truth is a 1-man show as far as the content goes. I have a RL friend, Edd, a.k.a. Dekkocards on the web, who made my layout for me and also is the web admin for our website, wearetheromantics. com. AnythingFPS made the new clip of the Origin 300 taking off in my new intro (minus the sound). TheWinslow on reddit transcribes the Forum Feedback portion of Wingman’s Hangar for me every week as well. I still transcribe them myself in a different format for the recorded portion of the show but his transcriptions save me a massive amount of time during the edit because he transcribes them in a perfect format that allows me to just copy/paste them into Vegas instead of having to format every line for each question and answer. Thanks by the way to everyone that has helped me with those details! You guys make my life a lot easier on a regular basis. PULSE: Would you like to talk a little about your organization, Romanticorp? 13