Pulse #3, Feb 16 2944 - Page 14

CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT: THE HULL TRUTH by Feylan and Wes (Bluebird) This week we interviewed Wes from The Hull Truth to talk over his weekly Star Citizen news show. For those who haven’t heard of it we recommend you take a look at it - it is one of the most informative and current news sources available for Star Citizen fans, and we at Pulse salute Wes for his outstanding efforts. PULSE: So, for those who haven’t heard about it, could you explain what The Hull Truth is? WES: The Hull Truth is a weekly news show for the Star Citizen community that recaps all the news from the previous week that was released about the game. It’s all fact from the developers and official channels. I don’t add stuff that’s rumor, conjecture or opinion. Just the truth. The Hull Truth of course :D PULSE: What inspired you to start doing The Hull Truth? WES: At the time I created it, I could not find a short, concise, news show that really covered everything on a weekly basis in a format that kept it simple. Everything that was out there was really drawn out and long winded with tons of misinformation, conjecture and personal opinions. There’s definitely a place for that stuff but I just wanted a news recap. There’s a mature community investing in this game and I thought they might appreciate a show that’s shorter than Wingman’s Hangar and also includes all the other news from the week. A lot of us have jobs, kids and wives and it’s hard to dedicate 45 minutes of time to watch Wingman or an hour to two hours of time to watch all these other podcasts out there. PULSE: Have you ever done anything like this before? 12 WES: I have done media related stuff before. I started in September of 2012 with a Twitch.tv live stream. So that this makes more sense, I was abandoned by my biological parents and raised by my grandparents. They are my parents to me. My grandmother passed away suddenly in 2012. I quit my job to take over full time medical care of my grandfather who had non-hodgkins lymphoma for over 8 years at the time. It required a 24/7 care giver. We had to buy a new house to take care of him because our house at the time was a 2-story house. No one in the family had the money to really take care of him or help with it but we were blessed to be able to. I couldn’t let him go to a nursing home after all the sacrifice they made in their lives to take me in and raise me when I was a baby. I suffered from fa \