Pulse #3, Feb 16 2944 - Page 13

STAR CITIZEN SCENE COMPETITION The first place winner will also receive an Aurora MR+ package, which is a great way to get started with Star Citizen if you’re yet to pledge, or can be melted to get you that little bit closer to your dream ship if you’re a long time backer. Welcome to Pulse’s first competition! Whenever we have a spare ship, skin or interesting piece of memorabilia handy, we’ll be running a competition to give our readers a chance at winning a range of prizes from across the galaxy (of choices available in the RSI Pledge Store.) The Star Citizen Scene competition is about showing off a snapshot of something you would like to play out in the game. This can be anything at all; dogfighting The second place winner will receive an Electro Skin through the atmosphere of a gas giant, sitting down Hull module, which will allow them to change their and chatting with a Vanduul in a Banu bar, reclining ship’s appearance on the fly while in space. in your penthouse apartment / hangar on Earth, or anything else imaginable. To avoid limiting entrants to those with a particular artistic talent, we’re accepting submissions in any format that can be included in our magazine. Photos, rendered scenes, paintings, text, videos, or any combination of those are acceptable, and no format will be given preference over another. Keep in mind, the most important point is that it relate There are a few basic rules to the competition, which to Star Citizen, and be something you hope to do inwe’ll list now: game. This can be: • Something that has been confirmed as being possible such as an EVA boarding operation; • Something which may eventually become possible such as an atmospheric dogfight; • Or even something which has been confirmed as not being possible in Star Citizen, such as becoming Emperor of the UEE. • All entries must be submitted by February 28th. • Entries must fit on a single Pulse page, no more than 2550 x 3300 pixels in size. • By submitting your work to Pulse, you are agree to let us present your entry in future issues. • All work must be your own, and must be original for the competition. It must, however, be something in keeping with the themes and styles of Star Citizen; as much as we’d like to see Orcs and Elves using magic to board a Bengal, this competition is all about fans’ dreams of Star Citizen. To submit your entry, or if you have any questions, send an email to starcitizenmagazine@gmail.com. You can also send a private message on the RSI forums to Feylan. Three winners will be selected by the Pulse editorial team, and will have their work showcased in our next issue! Good luck to all of our entrants! Competition -11-