Pulse #3, Feb 16 2944 - Page 11

HAIR: PART TWO by Womby As thousands of formerly missing Citizens and civilians are suddenly emerging from captivity, authorities admit to being completely baffled, unable to explain why each victim had their hair harvested. We spoke briefly with one victim as he was released from an abandoned porn shop. “They took my hair, but it was worth it. Tentacles, man. So many tentacles!” Sharon swiped the news to one side, and returned to the message she had just received from Rock. “I am writing this on my mobiglas, and will send it if communications are ever restored. Help me. Please.” So that’s what happened. Sharon felt slightly bad about the curse words she had uttered when she thought she had been stiffed. Poor Rock. She almost felt sorry for him. No doubt he has recently woken up to find the door open and the haul of a lifetime gone. Sharon had no time for losers, however. She had valuable information, and needed to work out how to make the most of it.There had to be some connection between Mr. Mongrel and the various disappearances. Searching through her potential blackmail recordings, she eventually found what she was looking for. There it was, taken on the night Rock went missing. On the fifth playthrough Sharon suddenly noticed it. In the heat of the moment she had dropped her mobiglass on the floor, and every time Mongrel went down the screen flickered almost imperceptibly. It was as if he was somehow generating electrical interference. Considering he was naked at the time, that ruled out a wire. Could he be an android? What made that creepier was the fact that humans did not build androids. AI was given a bad rap by the Janus computer when it managed to make the colony ship Artemis disappear with thousands of people on board. So, one of the alien races was behind the bulk hair harvesting. But why? It made no sense. Harry Rakov liked Sharon. She provided good information about people of interest. In return she received a healthy reward, and the Advocacy chose not to notice her other activities. “Nice work Sharon. Our labs will have a good look at this video. However, we have to wonder what business an android has usi