Pulse #3, Feb 16 2944 - Page 10

One of my edicts for 2014 was to have more actual information and BTS material for both our video content and our website. There will be a 10 for the Chairman on Monday then a WMH with something a little more visual on Wednesday and the final round of the audition finals for TNGS on Friday. There is a lot of pretty amazing stuff in the hopper and I think as we ramp up the team to help us share our progress and the new formats settle in, I’m hoping you’ll be happier. I’m not fooling myself though. I know it still wont be enough :-)” As with Ben’s response, the majority of participants in the thread thanked Chris for reaching out, though the conversation continued unabated as community members discussed how much and what kind of information they would prefer CIG release. The debate grew increasingly heated as those dissatisfied with information levels outlined the development information they wanted to receive, while those supporting CIG’s existing efforts variously posted that Chris’ response should have been an end to the issue and that delivering too much information would detract from the game’s development resources. Hot Topic -08- ShockwaveLover strove to explain the unhappy members’ point of view with the observation that “Everything is in the hands of CIG, and it’s at their pleasure that anything happens. Thanks to the myriad of bad experiences gamers have had when a company has played god (of which PGI and MWO is only the latest in a sorry history) everybody’s first thought is the worstcase scenario: what if they start taking advantage of that? Sure, they’ve been pretty good so far, but what’s the contingency plan if that changes? What can be done if they stop responding? The answer, of course, is ‘not much’. And for quite a few people, that is legitimately scary. This continuing lull in ‘hard’ info has brought a lot of that to the fore, because everybody’s helpless. Nobody can make CIG do anything before it’s good and ready, and the only real outlet, the only way anybody has of feeling even slightly in control, is to try and get a group of like-minded people together on the forums. When Mr Roberts responds, that’s a sign, however flimsy, that they do matter. That they aren’t insignificant. That their actions have a reaction. That they can be heard in a chorus of nearly 400,000 people.” The debate ran for 45 pages before falling from page one of the RSI forums. With the posts from both Ben and Chris, the recent 10 for the Chairman segment, Wingman’s Hangar delivering more detailed development information, as well as a tentative deadline for the Dog Fighting Module, it seems that CIG are working hard to respond to the concerns that some fans brought forward.