Pulse #2, Feb 2 2014 - Page 6

• • The banner is the first thing that people will see when opening your organisation’s page. When making your banner, try to make it 1,140 × 380 pixels to ensure it isn’t stretched or squashed when uploading it to the website. The logo is very important, as not only is it very visible on your organisation’s page, it’s the image that is used for your org’s entry on the RSI organisation list. Because it’s shown at different sizes, try to use a picture that looks nice at both 175 x 175 pixels, and 76 x 76 pixels. The background image is displayed behind your organisation’s information. While it’s not very visible, it helps to set the visual theme of your organisation. The default size for background pictures is 1,140 x 760 pixels. • • Private Military Companies (PMCs) are mainly about combat and dogfighting. If you want to be a mercenary, bounty hunter or escort in Star Citizen, take a look at a few PMCs. Syndicates are about making money and having fun through less than