Pulse #2, Feb 2 2014 - Page 16

PULSE: How can players contribute to the project? AGATHORN: Right now the best thing players can do is use it, and report bugs to me, so I can fix them. If anyone artistically inclined wants to try and work up some graphical logos I wouldn’t be opposed to that either :) In the future I’d love to see community members helping out with things like item ratings, build suggestions, etc. PULSE: You can also donate to the project via paypal. We can’t forget to mention that. So now is the part where I’ll pick your brain about some recent forum issues. I need to take a moment to remind everybody that these questions and answers are simply opinion. There’s not a lot of debate going down right now but I did come across a thread in the subscriber forum asking for info over some mouse nerfs. Apparently there was a bit of confusion about a comment made in a podcast. The podcaster came back to put to bed the rumor that CIG will be nerfing the mouse. However, anybody that has hacked the hangar module knows that flying a spaceship will not control like an FPS. How do you predict CIG will balance the keyboard and mouse, HOTAS and other controllers? AGATHORN: Right now I think people need to calm down, and be patient. We keep seeing this, where people are making snap decisions and suggestions, worries, based on something that isn’t even released yet. I mean, all you’ve seen is a video demo, and you know how it works? I don’t think so. The only thing, input wise, that bothers me with the mouse right now is, in the demo, it looks like mouse control is “absolute”, IE you point you shoot. The in game targeting matches the mouse position like an FPS. But with a controller or joystick, it isn’t. As expected you need to keep putting inputs in to keep the targeting where you want it. So yeah in the video it looks like mousers have some advantage. But i’m sure it will be balanced out eventually. In the end I just want to see all inputs being equal, so that the only decision is which you prefer, not which is strongest in the game. PULSE: So what will you use, a HOTAS? AGATHORN: I will most definitely be using a HOTAS. I have the Thrustmaster A-10 Warthog HOTAS, along with Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals that I will be using when flying. When I’m on foot I’ll be using either an X360 controller or mouse and keyboard depending on my preference at the time. PULSE: Recently CIG amended the Tamsa (black hole) system based on feedback from the community. The astrophysics defying black hole is no longer pulling in its planets. Why do you think it is important for a game developer to rectify these mistakes? How do you think they handled it with comm-link? AGATHORN: Personally, I would have rather they left it alone. Was it accurate? No, but that isn’t always the best thing in my opinion. As I often say about visual effects, our job isn’t to make it look real; our job is to make it look like people think is real. There is often a huge difference. In games I will often prefer a believable reality to a real reality. And sometimes you have to do things fake for them to be cool. In the case of this system I’m fine either way, but I hope when presented with a more clear cut case that CIG will err on the side of “cool” versus “real” when they are mutually exclusive. PULSE: There’s a forum contest up in general right now offering rewards for people who accurately guess the release date of the DFM (thanks Shankerz). Care to take a stab at it? AGATHORN: Hadn’t seen that but I don’t know. Will the groundhog see his shadow or not? Let’s say Feb 18th. PULSE: Pick a robot; ED-209, Gort, Johnny 5, IG-88, Bubo, Nordom, T-800, AstroBoy, H.A.L. 9000 or Marvin? AGATHORN: That’s a tough one. I want to say HAL for the SciFi awesomeness, but also ED209 for the old school hilariousness. PULSE: Okay, you can pick two,but just this once. Thanks for taking time for us. Do you have anything you’d like to say before you go? AGATHORN: Thanks for doing this. The SC community can be amazing and its one of the reasons I think the game will be successful! PULSE: Agreed. So thank you for making the Stanton Space Barn. I know I’ll be using it. www.stantonspacebarn.com 14