Pulse #2, Feb 2 2014 - Page 15

CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT: STANTON SPACE BARN by pokinatchapunx and Agathorn Welcome back to Citizen Spotlight. This time we’ll be speaking with Agathorn, a grand admiral, community elder and the man behind the Stanton Space Barn (https://www.stantonspacebarn.com/). We’ll talk to him about the barn and pick his brain about a couple of community hot topics. PULSE: Thanks for taking time to do this interview. Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do? How did you get into gaming? AGATHORN: I’ve bounced around a lot over the years. I served in the US Air Force when I was younger, then after getting out I went back to school to start a new career in Visual Effects which is where I am now. For those familiar with the industry I work as a Pipeline/ Compositing TD. For those who aren’t, it is basically a job that bridges the roles of artist and software developer. I can’t really say how I got into gaming because I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t gaming! Early on it was Ataris and Commodores, then PC gaming. Mixed in with more hands on tabletops and paper and pencil RPGs. I’ve been PC gaming since the TRS-80 days, and while I do own a PS3, I mostly use it for watching Amazon video and BluRays :) PULSE: Tell us a bit about your pet project for Star Citizen, Stanton Space Barn. What is it now? What is your vision for it in the future? AGATHORN: The Stanton Space Barn, or SSB, just grew out of a wild inspiration one day. I was looking at one of the ship brochures, looking at the schematics they put in there, and thinking wouldn’t it be cool if it was interactive. It grew out of that original idea. As someone who works an office job, and spends a lot of time working, I always like to have some way of interacting with the game outside of the game itself, like websites and what not. Right now SSB provides a way to load up a ship, see its hardpoints, and equip weapons and items to that ship, and save that out as a saved variant that you can share with others. It works off actual gamedata scraped from the Hangar Module, so it’s always up to date with the game. You can always view raw item and vehicle stats in a sort of databanks browser. Right now my focus is on maintaining current functionality as the game changes. Since we are so early in the game’s development, things are in a constant state of flux and that requires my code to constantly change just to maintain my current feature set. In the future I want to expand the website to provide more computed and simulation based data to help player’s make decisions on what to equip on their ships. For example things like simulating heat generation and cooling, power flow, or DPS calculations. Essentially a one stop shop for ship customization and knowledge. PULSE: The Stanton Space Barn is a pretty big undertaking. How many hours do you have in to it so far? How much work is it really? AGATHORN: A lot! The initial prototype was hammered out over a period of about 3 or 4 months during which all my free time went into it. There was work, SSB, and sleep in that order of priority. I probably s V