Pulse #2, Feb 2 2014 - Page 10

PULSE: What would you like to achieve with the operation, beyond taking the fight to the Vanduul? sailor67: Do something epic, fun, unique, impact the lore, make it so everyone can own/fly a scythe and maybe make gaming history. The first electronic game I ever played was Pong back in the seventies (My parents bought it), and I have been gaming ever since. This is the first time there was even the possibility of changing how a game’s story is told. I think that is what is resonating with a majority of our volunteers. Seraph84: If it’s possible, I’ll be trying to bring home a Vanduul capital ship trophy from the war. A carrier - that is my main objective. Construction” hugs and kisses CIG. Instancing is a whole other topic. The short answer is it has driven the organizational philosophy and structure from the very start, which is Consensus/Initiative based. We set the goals and are working on a generally agreed upon base strategy. Tactical implementation is up to the member organizations or ad hoc strike team leadership. The idea is if everyone understands what we are trying to do, they can use their own initiative to figure out how best to get it done. 90% to 95% of the time folks get it right, it might be different from the way I would do it, but who cares as long as the mission is accomplished. In military terms it is called understanding commander’s intent. PULSE: How about from the players? Are you hoping more people will join up? sailor67: I would like every backer to participate, so 100,000+. Unrealistic? Maybe, but as a gamer and a backer, it would be hard not to want to participate at least from my point of view (I am biased). PULSE: Do you think you’ll be able to maintain interest in Pitchfork until the PU Beta comes out? PULSE: Can you talk a little about the work people have done for Pitchfork? I’ve seen a lot of art dedicated to it, and the website is very well put together. sailor67: Oh wow, there is a large group of very talented people involved in this and not just artist, but writers, 3D molders, animators you name it. The best part, is it is all of their own initiative. This is not a complete list and I am going to be missing so many names, apologies in advance. But these are just some of the contributors: sailor67: So far so good, it will be a challenge though. We do have some things planned to keep it fresh, one was suggested by Moose. We are going to have an aggressor squadron of Scythes for folks to train against in the DFM. We will record the battles and post them on YouTube, with lessons learned for everyone. It will also make good fodder for our artists. John Shepard, Supremacy, Kartr-Kana, Jay Hawk, LadyHawke, Jaustin89, Glacier1701, RPGeesus, Benjamin the Rogue, Commander Deathcall, Zirlo, flashback, grimzod, Andy_H, Shank, Wrath of a Deadguy. I know I am missing a bunch. To the contributors I missed, please PM and I will “mea culpa” in thr ead with your art. PULSE: What do you need from CIG to make the operation a success? For example, do you expect the instancing system to be a problem? sailor67: From CIG we need content, it would be both funny but sad to have battled through hordes of Vanduul and forced a landing/boarding on a Vanduul controlled planet, station or carrier only to find a big sign saying “Under 8 Seraph84: I think there is no “in Pitchfork” until the beta comes out. Until we do actually it, it’s just a fun fantasy uniting a bunch of folks on a forum. But if you mean “what if nobody cares by the time it actually happens?”, then my answer is no. Everyone will care, and it’s going to be awesome.