PAGE?8 your edification and entertainment Death to Ponies Girls Like Mystery Swine Water Distance Changes Everything The boys’ first album stirs memories of indie rock bands such as the Hold Steady, Broken Family Band, and even the Manic Street Preachers, which is no bad thing in our book. Cello, trumpet and keys give variety to the instrumentation to keep things interesting. Indie rock with balls. Music for road trips. ?This album features Michael Corayer on trumpet, who can also be found playing alongside Death to Giants from time to time. Death to Giants are one half of... 5 degreesreviews - tenuously linked for of desperation Music » Swing Shine When S met P French gypsy music meets Chinese folk in this side project from Cold Fairyland’s Lin Di. It’s cutesy as hell and doesn’t tax the listener, but there’s solid musicianship here and more depth than first appears. It’s great how well the pipa and acoustic guitar fit together. Put it on during dinner parties or if you decide to open a café in the French concession. ? And if you like your music with some traditional Chinese musical instruments thrown in, then you’re going to love the latest album from… Techno producers teaming up with a death metal group could have been a recipe for an awkward car crash or an unstructured jam-along that goes nowhere – instead, it sounds like an organic whole that transitions between spacey drones and elaborate riffing with grace and perfect pacing. It’s a smooth, well-navigated ride through an epic, weird landscape - even more impressive considering that this is entirely improvised. This is my new soundtrack to getting shit done. ? The other half of Death to Ponies are the Acid Pony Club, whose very own Laura Ingalls produced... » » Ershoumeigui Yizhiduxiu … or you might hate it. Ershoumeigui’s eccentric combination of Queen-style glam rock and traditional Dongbei folk styles is far from subtle, and this is not an album to be taken too seriously. But if you’ve seen pictures of the band before, the clown wigs and flamboyant cross-dressing might have given that away already. Ershoumeigui have carved out a niche that is entirely their own and see no reason to change. SHANGHAI247.NET » Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Self-titled e.p. We’d need a whole p Y?H??[H\]?\?][??]X[?????Z\??\?]?][?H\??]?[??\?KHZ?\???\\?Y?^??Y?Z]\?]Y\??[H?\???X\?]YYH?RH?\Y\??X]]Y?[???[?]\?X???[?YH?Y??XZ?H?]?8? ??[H?x?&\?H[?[??X??]?YH??X??]8?&\?[?X??] ?????? ?P??U????