PAGE?20 Step 2: Focus on that point until all surroundings fall away. The room, the family, and the remaining parts of Wei Wei’s baba’s body, faded away, in that order. Step 3: Listen. When Wei Wei spoke, the sound of his mother’s voice came out, and then the sound of cicadas, and then nothing. Step 4: Listen and Feel. August still heard nothing but could sense vibrations. They danced all around his body and then congregated around his ears which then filled with blood and heat. Step 5: Perceive the deep hum of the Universe and let it guide you. The mole on Wei Wei’s baba’s hairless head squeaked like a mosquito attempting to land on an earlobe against an air current. Step 6: Receive the specific frequencies emanating from your focal point. August’s ears popped and the mole spoke. Like bananas, explained the mole, relationships ripen, grow sweet— And then we make banana bread, thought August. And then they rot, corrected the mole, the faster the fiber go, the faster the fruit go back into the ground. What is the fruit and what is the fiber? You know. You. Me? You are everything. Then I am you too. ... The early days were sweet, said Wei Wei, now I go. August did not respond but he felt himself clinging to the memories like fruit flesh to its fiber. He visualized the strings of a banana, how they provide structure until maturity, whereupon they are absorbed. Wei Wei moved back in with her parents and August waited for her to return. He believed it would happen faster if he did not leave the kitchen table and even faster if the banana note was better than the wasp one. Renée Reynolds is a writer from the USA. She has lived in Shanghai since 2007. Contact: renrey2010@gmail.com 247TICKETS.CN SHANGHAI247.NET