PAGE?19 Pulp Diction/Flash Fiction OTHER (part II) August picked at his thumb skin feeling utterly replaceable and quite certain that there’d be no raise before the end of next fiscal quarter. Wei Wei sat upon the counter top, held up a folded note and cocked her head. Open it, said August. Wei Wei opened and read the note: When it’s time to procreate, an adult female wasp will seek out a spider, paralyze it and then lay an egg on its abdomen. After hatching, the larva wasp will feed on its host, while the spider goes about its business like nothing’s wrong. That’s when things get interesting. After a couple weeks of bloodsucking, the larva will inject a chemical into the spider, causing it to build a web like none it’s ever built before. The spider sits motionless in its creation to await its fate. The parasite then kills the spider with poison, sucks it dry and builds a cocoon that hangs from the middle of the new web. Who is the wasp and who is the spider? What is this? You know. It’s back. I know. What can be done? I don’t know, I feel trapped. That’s understandable. Me too. I’m not getting a raise am I? I am not your boss. I prefer to be the wasp. You don’t even have a job. I am the wasp. Wei Wei stopped listening and collected items that quickly mounted in her arms. August visualized the ionization of air molecules. Wei Wei placed the items into a small suitcase. August recalled his focal point training. Step 1: Choose a focal point. August chose the large brown mole on Wei Wei’s baba’s hairless head in a family portrait that hung on the kitchen wall. SHANGHAI247.NET 247TICKETS.CN