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ended up going through a metamorphosis much like the insect growing wings and turning into a different being,” Stroud chided. JarFly Brewing Company will be located in downtown Somerset. Many local residents will recognize it as part of the storefront of the previous Goldenberg’s Furniture Store sprawling West Mt. Vernon Street, in downtown Somerset, facing the Fountain Square and the courthouse. Its famous, yellow-stoned building was a landmark of Somerset commerce for several decades-- owned by multigenerations of the Goldenberg family. As co-owners of the purchased property, Stephens and Stroud yearn their start-up business will one day be recognized as a landmark being the first of its kind—a local brewing company crafting homemade beer. However, the two alluded thus far the process has metaphorically and literally been a transformation like a jar fly-- from modest beginnings to having ventured into changing domains for the Somerset area. Their initial commencement started in 2014 when the two co-founders began brewing a very small amount of homemade beer in a family’s farm home for their own, personal pleasure. “We started with just pots and pans and ‘frankensteined’ a small system that just grew to become bigger,” Stroud recounted. Shortly after the two began brewing their homemade concoction, they began to devise a business plan that would permit them the opportunity to expand to a licensed, commercial brewery. Roughly a year later, the two invested into the former Goldenberg’s structure and began renovations. “Honestly, this building has taken quite a bit of work, and has become a huge undertaking with remodeling for our needs.” Shroud stated. However, while undergoing repair work, the two ventured upon a stunning, original element from when Goldenberg’s was first built in 1904—four, wooden pillars. They have decided that the authentic architecture will endure. “The pillars were so well-built, and we wanted to showcase its originality from the pre- WWI years,” Stroud described. “Ironically, some of the beers that we will brewing; that style was their hey-day as well before Prohibition.” However, not only will the establishment have original décor, but they plan to install modern, cutting-edge lighting. “We wanted to juxtapose the old with the new,” Stroud related. Once completely renovated, the company will create a facility with over 5,500 square- feet. On the first level, they will commercially brew their exclusive, home-made recipe for a crafted beer with industrial machinery. Here, there will also be a tap-beer bar room including numerous, regional, Kentucky-crafted beers. “We will also have an additional level upstairs that will be utilized for seating and allowing local artists a venue to perform,” Stroud declared. What are craft beers? By standard definition, an American craft brewer is a small, micro-brewery with an annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less (approximately 3 percent of U.S. annual sales). As an independent brewer, each one adopts beers whose flavor derives from innovative brewing ingredients and their fermentation process. Thus, each crafted beer is Premier Magazine - Spring 2016 - 35