Psychopomp Magazine Winter 2015 - Page 31

Harmony Neal | 29

Some skeptics claim Umwelt made the final card herself, though she claims The Leopard Woman was the last humanoid form she ever invented. She claims it would be impossible to make a single card like that. No one could find the exact materials and match the proportions and colors and textures of the rest of the deck.

When The Tarot Reader hands her the card, Umwelt knows it’s true. She has given

herself over, and she is ecstatic.

She has the spread framed, though it takes her a long time to choose which of many interpretations and formations the cards could take. Fans are interested in the spread and story much more than critics, but they’ve all seen it, seen the final card with the woman dancing. Umwelt encourages them to look up that deck—not a black soul to be found—then look at her spread, at her card, at her ecstasy: they’ll see a woman who looks just like her, dark skin and untamed hair, dancing at the center of her own universe.

The author would like to thank for years of free tarot readings and guidance.