Psychopomp Magazine Winter 2015 - Page 25

Harmony Neal | 23

The Tarot Reader obviously has breasts under her robes and looks more like the artist’s version of her than she previously had. The artist wonders if The Tarot Reader likes her version better or if she hasn’t somehow created The Tarot Reader or sculpted or molded some aspects of her that had previously been undefined. This account of the third meeting is one reason many people don’t even believe her about The Tarot Reader, and claim she made her up and it’s all a part of an ongoing project, her blurring of the real and unreal, but to the artist there is no blur, not anymore, because everything that is real for her is likely unreal for everyone else and vice versa, because that is the nature of life and the nature or art and the nature of Umwelt, which is the name she took the second The Tarot Reader handed her a third card, The Tangling, with a picture of a Leopard and a woman wearing a Leopard head.