Psychopomp Magazine Winter 2015 - Page 15

Becky Bosshart | 13

good enough to get the role. I taught her to fuck them all, so of course she’d grow up to be a militant mer-tween.

“Are you sure you can take over the world?” I asked, my voice betraying my anxiety.

“As sure as the hummingbird wears a long crinoline,” she bubbled, sounding all whimsical again, making me love her even more. “I’m doing it for you—the world has treated you so unfair. It deserves to burn.”

She was here to take it all down. And that’s why I did what she asked. Not just because she’s fabulous, ambitious and lyrical, but because she’s the only person in this world who’s on my side. And when she does take over the world, I want to be on her side. Isn’t that why we make alliances? In the hope that our militant merbaby will become the next militant merbaby to control it all? ♦