Psychopomp Magazine Spring 2016 - Page 8

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it out for Sovnig Oye, but is rejected. I’ve tried my own hair, Sovnig Oye says. It doesn’t work for me like it does for others. I cannot sustain myself, and I cannot destroy you, my most devoted, to save myself.

Alex, Her Most Devoted, laments, always concerned for Sovnig Oye, never thinking about herself. I am your most devoted, and you’ve never tried your hair from deep within my body, hair mixed with sea water and devotion. Let’s see what I can offer you. Sovnig Oye is deeply moved by Alex, Her Most Devoted’s devotion. She says, Never before have I seen such devotion amongst all my devoted. You would offer yourself to save me? Alex, Her Most Devoted nods, says, Yes.

Sovnig Oye cries, reaches out for the hair in Alex, Her Most Devoted’s hand, but Alex, Her Most Devoted says, Here, let me, and puts the hair in Sovnig Oye’s ears and nostrils, rubs it in her eyes, chews what’s left, and transfers it mouth to mouth, pushing it deep into Sovnig Oye’s throat with her tongue. Sovnig Oye swallows the hair, feels warmth and devotion for Alex, Her Most Devoted. Will you come with me to my tower? Sovnig Oye asks. Alex, her most Devoted knows this has never been offered to any devotee, says, You would allow me to ascend with you? Yes, Sovnig Oye replies. You have earned a spot by my side.

They ascend the tower together. Once on top, Sovnig Oye asks for more hair. Alex, Her Most Devoted removes hair from every open spot of her body, stuffs it in every open spot of Sovnig Oye’s body. As Sovnig Oye grows in strength, Alex, Her Most Devoted, despite her devotion, begins to hollow. As Sovnig Oye grows in strength, her desire to consume her own hair from inside Alex, Her Most Devoted builds. Sovnig Oye hollows Alex, Her Most Devoted, but Alex, Her Most Devoted never complains, never worries about herself. When she is completely hollow, Alex, Her Most Devoted asks Sovnig Oye to return her to the river, but Sovnig Oye cannot stop consuming Alex, Her Most Devoted. She tears apart her shell, rubs each piece all over her