PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 49

Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 49 Q5) Can you give few examples regarding what IE’s do actually? There are a lot of examples; few of them are given below which will give you basic idea of what IE’s actually do:  Reconfigure airport check services to shorten lines and make passengers happier  Design a more efficient car assembly line to save on manufacturing costs  Streamline an operating room so that is safer, faster and easier to use  Determine the fastest way to transport perishable goods cross-country, even during bad weather. All of these roles share the common goal of saving companies money and increasing efficiencies (in short “improvement”) Q6) What is the difference b/w MBA and Industrial Engineer. Industrial engineers are engineers (and do tons of maths) - MBA's are business people (who may have done a heap or no math). Industrial Engineers carry technical knowledge which MBA’s have little knowledge about. An MBA education offers business education whereas Industrial Engineering education offers the best of both worlds; an education in both engineering and business Q7) How Industrial Engineering is different from Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical engineering is mostly related to the technical specifications of machines and their working principles. Industrial engineering is interested in efficiency, correct planning, productivity of sources, supply chain management and fault minimizing etc. In industrial engineering we deal with 4M's of industry Man, Money, Material and Machines. They also have sound knowledge over mechanical engineering and they can enjoy management as well. They have many career opportunities and wide area of application.