PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 47

Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 47  With time and exposure you will realize that your skills are applicable at wide levels which not only make it interesting but will make you the person with most of the knowledge among your colleagues .  Industrial Engineers are often promoted to leadership positions because of the vast understanding they have about the overall systems, unlike other engineering disciplines that are limited to specific areas only. This is one of the main reasons as well why women will feel mentally satisfied with their jobs as Industrial Engineers.  In my view Industrial Engineering is “Engineering having fun”. You won’t be stuck with one kind of job for the rest of your life. Industrial Engineering is diverse which is the main cause of attraction for females I am an Industrial Engineer and just like other IE’s I was also confused at the beginning of my studies but soon with time and exposure I realized that it was the best decision I made for my career and I can guarantee that no person will ever regret the decision of choosing Industrial Engineering and I highly recommend it to the girls out t ɔݡɔȁ幅ɕȁ)ɥ) %ɥȁɕեɕ́хͽ䁅Ѽɽєѡ́ɔѥٕ䰁хѕ́͡ձхѡѕ́$ٔɸٕ䁕ѥٔ)ѡЁѡչٕͥѥ́Aхѡ͔٥%ɽɅ̤͡ձՍЃq%ɥɥ=!͗t٥є͍Ց́ѼѕиQɔ͡ձ͕ٕɅ%ɕѕ)ѥ٥ѥ́ͥȁ͔ٕ́ѼѡՑ͕́ѡȁѥՑ)ݡѡȁѡ͡ձ͔ȁиͼѡݥٔչѼɥ䁅Օѥ́ɕѕѼѡɽͥѡȁչхѕȸQ͔ٕ́ݥͽ)ٔѡ͕͔ЁɽѡѡȁɽͥՑ́ɔ((