PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 45

Page 45 Volume 1, Issue 1 Women in Industrial Engineering By Engr. Qurratulain Shakoor Instructor( College of Engineering), Alfaisal University, KSA Engineering was once considered as one of the most underrated profession for women in Pakistan, although there has been an improvement in our society and the way people now think about it but I believe that more needs to be done. There is a lot of space for improvement in educating the mass of Pakistan. When it comes to Industrial Engineering, the term itself is already misinterpreted (even by males) and in most cases without searching more about this discipline, many drop it out of their list!!! There is no proper medium to educate females about Industrial Engineering before they take admission in Engineering University. However it’s the lack of information they have due to which they are unable to see the significance of this discipline and I am sure if they come to know what it really is about, there will be more females in this profession. Let me start with the concept of what exactly Industrial Engineers do? As an IE you will look at what makes an organization work best by trying to find the right combination of humans, technology, equipment, information and finance. The common objective of all the subjects in the curriculum of Industrial Engineering degree is to make you skillful in “Optimizing”. Industrial Engineering is considered as one of the fastest growing profession in the world and even in Pakistan the industries/organizations are slowly recognizing the importance of hiring Industrial Engineers because only IE’s have those skills to raise the standards and make organizations competent. Industrial Engineering is considered as one of the most popular engineering disciplines among the females in Europe and some parts of Middle East. According to American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), the number of bachelor’s degree awarded to Industrial Engineering is “Engineering having fun”. You won’t be stuck with one kind of job for the rest of your life