PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 42

Page 42 Volume 1, Issue 1 LinkedIn Article; The 3 secrets of highly successful graduates By Reid Hoffman Cofounder LinkedIn Hi, My name is Reid Hoffman and I’m an entrepreneur and investor. I cofounded LinkedIn in 2003 with the mission of connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. I’ve heard the career concerns of students around the world, from the millions of students on LinkedIn to the super young entrepreneurs I've invested in. And I’ve noticed a common career concern... THEY DON’T FEEL READY. College is supposed to prepare you for surviving and thriving in the world of work but the world of work has changed. Stable career paths are disappearing, competition can come from anywhere and the world continues to change a Ёɕѱ́%ԁɔɅՅѥԁ䁙᥽̸$݅ЁԁѼ)܁Q!SeL=-dQЁչхԁɥЁ܁Ё)ɗQЁݽeЁٕȁ݅丁%ٕȵݽɱ)ȁɕȁ́ɽ̸]$ɅՅѕɽչɝɅ)$ѡ՝Ё$܁ݡЁ$݅ѕѼ$݅́]I=9$ձ)ٔɕѕ䁍ɕȁѠ%ЁٕѽԁeILѼɕ)ݡЁ$݅́9QIAI9UIM!%@ѡ)݅䰁$ٕٔ唁ȁѡѕɹ́Ս́ɔ)ѡɔɔЁЁѡɕѡ́ѡЁՍ͙հɽͥ)ٕՅ䁙ɔЁЁѡȁɕ̸eԁݽЁѡ)ȁѕщ́ȁ͍͸Ёѕѡ'eɔ)׊eɅѡȁЁ݅Ѐԁ啅́Ѽ͍ٕȁѡ$݅ЁѼ͡ɔѡ)ݥѠԁѽ() ѥѥ()9ݽɭ)Iͬ()I!(+qٕ)ѥѥٔ)مхե)ȁݽɬ)хѕЁɥ̸ͭ)%Ёܰ]t((0