PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 41

Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 41 On a final note – we in Pakistan, predominantly being Muslims (equal importance it given to time in all other faiths existing) if realize the importance of time as mentioned in Quran and by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and utilize it to full honesty can get rid of all wastes and prosper. I reiterate Islamic perspective of time does not mean only to sit in Masjid and pray 24/7/365 – Islamic perspective of time is giving it, it’s due:  By no means respecting time means loitering streets, chanting few verses of Quran, some Na’ats and our duty is done  If it is pray time – pray to the best  If it is work time – perform your duty to the best honesty in that time, sitting idle, sipping tea after tea, sifting newspaper, gossiping is waste (and this is a waste Mr. Ohno forgot to mention since it is totally non-existent in Japan).  If it is family time – use it wisely to the best.  You are the judge now, be aware of the time when you will be judged. At the time of writing this– I pray the new government realizes their responsibility towards waste in Pakistan. Ameen!