PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 40

Page 40 Volume 1, Issue 1 This waste occurs when there is supply in excess of real customer demand. This waste masks real production. Causes of excess inventory are: This is the waste of not using people’s mental, creative, and physical abilities. Causes of people waste are:  The Syndromes – “Not Invented Here”, “Not in my backyard”, “Don’t know, don’t care”  Production buffers  Unreliable suppliers  Lack of teamwork  Excessive queue times  Lack of adequate training  Unbalanced workload  Producing to a forecast  Poor communications  Incentive system  Misaligned process flow  Misunderstood customer needs  Long set-up times Remarks 7) Motion Waste Motion waste is any movement of people or machines that does not add value to the prod- Lets get out of the box and see around in Pakistan – uct or service. Causes of motion waste are: where can be located these kinds of wastes? This scope of this article is too limited to cite all areas and  Poor layout suggest improvement. I leave this to the readership  Unplanned downtime and their commitment to change!  Unorganized Workplace Pakistan is a predominantly agricultural country – we  Inadequate process controls have massive waste (when saying waste keep in  Poor methods mind it can be any one of the above), in cultivating, processing and even distributing the products. 8) Employee/People Waste Our power sector – it is only because of a amalgamate of the above wastes we despite of being capable are trying to survive without at 30-40% of power. What kind of wastes are playing role in ruining the capacity of Tarbela? What kind of wastes are hindering the development of KalaBagh or any other? Our political system – compare the size of our parliament and the size of similar size countries!