PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 39

Page 39 Volume 1, Issue 1 This is a major flaw that occurs unknowingly with most manufacturers. This waste can tie up significant working capital resources that can be used for other business operations. Some key causes of overproduction are: These are non-value added activities within the process. Causes of processing waste are:  Poor process control  Poor document control system  Producing to a forecast  Misunderstood customer needs  Misuse of automation  Poor process communication  Long set-up times  Excessive queue times  Just-in-case production  Just in-case logic  Unclear customer needs  Redundant approvals  Engineering changes  Producing to forecast 3) Waiting Wastes Waiting waste is idle time that is created when waiting for materials, equipment, product, etc. Some key causes of waiting waste are: 5)Transportation Waste  Unbalanced workload This is the waste incurred by transporting parts and materials around the plant facility. Causes of transportation waste are:  Unplanned downtime  Poor plant layout  Excessive set-up times  Misaligned process flow  Poor supplier deliveries  Large batch sizes  Poor process quality  Producing to a forecast  Producing to a forecast 4)Non-Value Added Processing 6) Inventory Excess