PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 37

Volume 1, Issue 1 An important requirement for a Muslim's life is to be careful about time, to invest it wisely and to benefit from it. In this regard, Ibn-ul Qayyim says, "The highest, most worthy and most useful of reflection is what is intended for Allah and the Hereafter. There are various forms of reflection intended for Allah. One of them is reflecting on time duty and function and focusing entirely on it, for the knowledgeable one is the breed of his time. If he wastes it, all his interests are wasted, for all interests arise from time. If he wastes his time, he can never regain it." Perspective : I wanted to start this piece as "Lean Manufacturing", but soon realized waste is a problem not limited to manufacturing only - it is in every sphere of life. Hence, I preferred to generalize it. 'Waste' is the arch enemy of productivity, again not limited to industry: office administration, school, hospital, retails, government machinery, religious institutions, judiciary, manufacturing and the list can go on are all places where you abundance of resources wasted. I recall my period of job of with state run mechanical design and manufacturing concern from a decade ago, few of the experiences of that period, I would like to share with the readership of this article - I leave the judgment form industrial engineering perspective of these practices to the readers:  The manufacturing workshop was equipped with state of art machine tools worth millions, which used to sit idle for days, even weeks producing nothing. In addition, just a kilometer away existed another machine shop with similar level of machine tools sitting redundant. Never understood, when both departments belong to same organization, why duplication of resources?  We use to produce 3-5mm thick walled aluminum components out of solid 50mm thick Page 37 aluminum sheets - wasting the machining time of days, and scrap chips of 100's of kilograms. Not to mention the working hours of operators.  The material store used to house an inventory of raw materials ranging from expensive rods and sheets of nylon, Teflon, Perspex, aluminum, mild and stainless steels - all sitting there for well over 5 years. Again such duplicate stores existed in other sister organizations These are only few examples pertaining to few machine shops and their associated inventory. There were and are numerous such examples in other departments too. Such attitude is especially wide spread among all the state run institutions. This brings us to the question - are we in collective nature neglecting the resource waste? The corner stone to alleviate this attitude is realization of what is termed as waste? The concept of 'waste' and 'waste elimination' introduced by Toyota manufacturing as methodology to improve productivity is applicable to industrial and nonindustrial sector equally. The Wastes: