PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 29

Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 29 Initially like every other IE student I was totally unaware of my future and the discipline I had selected as it was quiet new in Pakistan and for the first time launched in UET Peshawar, but gradually and progressively my judgment changed and I am very thankful to my teaching staff who played their vital part in all those positive changes. Why I chose IE, was because I loved to have an Engineering discipline which can carry both technical & professional aspects of career growth and sure Industrial Engineering is one of them. It has changed my life, now I count myself in professionals and I can take part in discussions and debates related to field. I am totally satisfied with my job and I feel lucky to start my career from such a professional organization. I do Job in MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas CO. B.V. as an Assistant Procurement Officer. I recommend IE for all those who want to serve the society in a more professional way. I personally believe that IE has got a wide future and very good to see its trend has just started now in every good organization. One thing which is worth mentioning here is that the future of every Engineering discipline does not depend always on its own future and opportunities’ but also depends upon individual’s performance and presentation. Engr Shahzad Shabab Assisitant Procurement Officer MOL Pakistan Oil and Gas CO. B.V. (Graduated in 2010) IE is a white collar job. It turned to tougher when I did internship and found that IE’s have to work in assembly lines under harsh conditions. One can find it enjoyable after a field experience of minimum 3 years as IE’s have better chances to be promoted. I had my goals before enrollment in IE, but new goals were set by me when I realized the importance of IE now I am on their pursuit. My discipline had really made a great difference in my life, in the way of continuous struggle. Industrial Engineering, as is comparatively new in Pakistan, so one has to work hard, to get recognition. I am satisfied with my job- Lecturer ship – although the field job market is turbulent for IE’s but with a ‘never give up’ attitude you can make it. I recommend IE. I am optimistic towards its future. If you ask me I say that we are the master of our own destiny. We will bright up our future and ultimately of our nation’s. A university and society level promo for IE is the most urgent demand of the time! I am happy that PSIE is up for the task of spreading awareness about one of the most important engineering discipline that if realized can really make a difference. Engr. Khawar Naeem Lecturer UET Peshawar (Graduated in 2011)