PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 22

Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 22 “Multi-Echelon Inventory Control In Supply Chain Management” Khawar Naeem Inventory is the lifeblood in an organization. It costs about forty percent of the total organization’s assets. Our project was to optimize the inventory in multi-echelon and to decide a tradeoff between inventory level and service level of the customer demand. We designed the supply chain starting from raw material receiving from supplier up to the finish good delivery to the customer, integrating every activity. The demand was forecasted, produced and filled using various scientific models. An Expert System, AM (Application Manager) was used to develop a tool named “Inventory Control System” to automate all the addressed activities. Currently the industry is working on the experience base knowledge of experienced people with being in state of relying on the upper management decision. The thesis provided the recommendation purely based on engineering knowledge. The current situation was critically analyzed and areas of improvement were highlighted. The critical parameters related to Supply Chain were devised. The inventory level at various echelons was reduced which in turn resulted in cost redu ѥѡȁѡɥمɅ܁ѕɥ݅́ɝ镐ͥѕՕ́=ɑȁEՅѥ䀡=DMѽMLIɑȁAЀI=@ѼٔѥɽՍѥݡɕՍٕɅ1QQչЁՔѼѡѕ䁽)݅́ͽɍ(+qIѥͥ́AP ѱ́ UͥMMɽt()e՘]ͥ)Qյȁɕ́AP ѱ%䁡Ѽ镐͕ѥѡѥٕЁمɥ́ѡɽ̸ѽхȁЁمɥ́ݕɔЁ͕ѕѡɽ՝)Ʌѽɵ͕ͥݥѠѡɽՍѥЁՅ䁍хѡ)Q͔مɥ́ݕɔхѥѥ䁅镐䁍ѡȁٕ́ݥѡɅѥɅ)ѡѡյȁɕ́݅́ɕѥٕ䁽͕ٕȁمɥQȁمɥ́ݕɔ%ѥAɕɔ5ѥQɅɔ=ɅѽȁI܁ѕɥIͥQ)ѡ͔ѡɕɽٕѼхѥѥͥЁمɥ́ݡѕѡյȁ)ɕ̸)Q͕͔ɽЁ݅́ѡѼ͕Ёѡѥٕѡ͕ѕ)ͥЁѽ́ѡЁݥٔѡմյȁɕ̸Qѥٕ́ݕɔхѡɽ՝ѡͥͥɥЁݡɕՍѡٕɅĸ)ɕ́ȁȁѼٕɅ̸ɕ́ȁȸ 䁥ѥѡ͔ٕ́)Ё́ݥЁݸՅ((