PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 15

Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 15  Responsible for the day to day activities of the Inventory Management functions, which includes controlling effective inventory levels.  Monitor, review and analyze productivity through generation of reports using MAXIMO (ERP Software) & Crystal writing reports for efficient stock & storage management.  Optimize storage space through various stock positioning & space layout techniques, and ensure that proper space is arranged before material is arrived at site.  Similarly coordinating with Finance & Accounts for inventory related issues, and with logistics in order to stay abreast of the arriving shipments.  Upgradation of physical assets to fulfill operational requirement. Our organization is growing exponentially, so to meet our future requirements efficient planning is required. For that purpose layout for new warehouses & new pipe yards is also my responsibility.  Monitoring inventory level, generate stock-to-order report within first week of every second month. Evaluate the report, enter and forward Min/Max PRs for approval within five (5) days of receipt of approved STO. (Stock to order report shows us the items which are under their MIN levels which was assigned to it and now it needs to order)  Performing inventory control analysis i.e. ABC analysis for all the items lying in the inventory.  Conducting a detailed review of inventory items to Rearrange/Standardize its descriptions as per standard format. Identify and remove duplications from inventory data base.  Enter Purchased Requisitions in Maximo through processing of BOMs (Bill of Materials) from user departments.  Forecast standard inventory usage and routinely order appropriate quantities. Facilitate usage of slow moving and obsolete inventory.  Managing inventory to ensure that there is no over stocking or under stocking providing accurate revenue reports of inventory management decision-making  Imputing and updating all inventory movements to achieve visibility and utilization of inventory