PSIE Industrial Magazine Volume 1 Issue 1 - Page 14

Page 14 Volume 1, Issue 1 Activities of an IE at MOL Pakistan Hi, my name is Muhammad Abid. My job is to manage inventory by adapting a proactive approach, through optimization of key parameters, ensure safe operation, employ standard operating procedures and contribute to the company’s social and financial uplift. I ensure to provide support to functional departments throughout material flow process to meet production schedules and customer requirements. As a material & inventory specialist it is my core responsibility to improve operational efficiency throughout the inventory flow process by standardization of material specifications/descriptions, executing various improvised inventory analysis and reduction exercises using a proactive approach. The management aspect of this job can become com- Engr. Muhammad Abid MOL Pakistan—Materials Engineer, Contracts and Supply Chain Management plicated if inventory items start to go missing, because as material specialist I will be held accountable for it unless they can prove where the problem is and who is causing it. This is one area where knowing each and every worker on a personal and professional level can be very beneficial. For example, when I joined MOL Pakistan, inventory database had a lot of duplications which create serious problems at the time of ordering. So the task assigned to me was to eradicate the duplications and rectify the inventory database. My typical day has a good balance of engineering work done on the computer where I analyze the BOQ (Bill Of Quantities) received from projects department. This BOQ needs to be comprehend thoroughly and then finalizing which materials will be required for the upcoming projects. Other activities performed during my day are: