Prospectus 2018/19 2018/19 - Page 7

Application Process Check list for applying Check list for applying UK or EEA National Non UK/EEA resident Visit one of our open evenings Please see Page 37 of our prospectus for more details for non UK residents. Post 16 Open Evening Thursday 14th September 16.30 – 20.30 You must supply: • A  report: where school reports are not in English, please provide an English translation in add ][ۂHHوHܚY[[\ܝ H\ܝ]\۝Z[HXܙو[\][[K( \ܝܘ\’[][[•Y\^H ݙ[X\Mˌ8$ HXܙX]]H\H[B[ZH\H܋X\HK[H[ۛH\H܈ۙH\K[H[H\Y܈وق[\Y\]YH[[B\X][ۈ\˂Y\Z[ۛ[N[H[\]H[ۛ[B\X][ۈ]\X][ۜ˘] ܛYۋ Z™H \\[X\ M[[B[XZ]H[]]X]X[XZ[ۙ\X][ۈوXZ\ ۛ[B\X][ۜXZ]YYܙB\]H[H\Y X\HH\\[\[XۚXœYۘ]\K[H[H\Yœ\N( \ܝܘ\¸(HHو[YX\܈YX\ L\ܝ YX\ LHY\Z[\]YX\ LH\ܝ]\۝Z[HXܙو[\][[K]Y[\XH[]و\XH\X][ۜ•H8&\]]ܚ\Y]Y[\XH\[قܙX]\ۙۈ[YH\و[[\^KX\H\]˘] ܛYۋ Z܈[\ˈ[Y][ۋH[X\BX^[][Hو L HوH[ZHH]YHB]Y[\XK\H[\X[Y\]\ۋY\Z[܈ M[\[H\Y[š[[ [\܈ܝ\\[[ X\B۝XY[\X\] ܛYۋ Z’Y\Z[H[H]\[\H]Y\[ۜ[][H\H[X[ۈ و\X][ۂܛK]Y\[ۜ\H[ۈ\HYH[ۈ\X][ۈܛKX\H[B( \ܝܘ\¸(HHو[YX\܈YX\ L\ܝ YX\ LHY\Z[\]YX\ L([QHY[H[ووXZ\X\HH[\\X][ۈ[HۜY\Y[\]H]]\B[˂YX\\Z[܈\H[]BYX\ L  MH\ܛZ[\[][]H\XXK[K]\X[X]K]\XX]H Mݙ[X\ M–YX\ L  MHܙX]]H\[H YYXHX[ۋ[\X]HY][\YۋXX[X]H\\X[\ \Yۈ [X\H NYX\ L ^HYH H[\\ H[X\H Nܚ[H[HX[X\X\ X\HHH[[HH]Hٙ\Y YH ͈X[ۈ ܈HXJK[\]Hܛ\[H\Y \Hۛ[H\X][ۜ˘] ܛYۋ Z‘\PU[[\ۈXX X]