Prospectus 2018/19 2018/19 - Page 41

or a place on the Reserve list the applicant may write to ‘Admissions, Student Services’, and can appeal for a second chance. These letters must refer to the admissions criteria 1B and should outline the reasons for the appeal and why they feel they ought to be offered a second chance. This must be received within 14 days of the date of the decision letter. Please note we do not provide feedback on the first meeting/ audition/ workshop, if you wish to appeal. The second chance is designed for situations where the candidate believes that they did not do themselves justice first time and firmly believes that they can improve. It should be noted that the School rigorously quality-assures its processes so that all panels within each department will be working to the same standards and criteria both on the day of the first meeting/audition/ workshop and at any second chance meeting. We recommend that applicants obtain a proof of postage when sending an appeal letter as The BRIT School cannot be held responsible for non-delivery of appeal letters. Date stamped envelopes will not be considered proof of postage. We will not accept verbal requests for appeals. Second-chance meeting/audition/workshops are conducted by a teacher from the relevant department and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. During the first and second-chance workshop/audition/meeting, the School will use its professional judgement of applicants, based on the criteria laid out in the admissions policy. Please note that candidates from outside the catchment area need to show unusual merit to be offered a place; this criterion will be reflected in the decisions made at all stages of the admissions and appeals procedure. Therefore being out-of-area does not constitute appropriate grounds for appeal. The date given for an appeal workshop/ audition/meeting cannot be changed unless it is for a previously arranged hospital appointment or public exam (not mocks). Please include any dates and supporting documentation that you are not available in your appeals letter. You must be prompt for this meeting as we are unable to reschedule if you miss the allocated time slot. Stage 2: If, after the second-chance workshop/audition/meeting, an applicant is not offered a place or a place with the special conditions referred to in the Further Guidelines of the Admission Policy, an appeal under Stage 2 of the appeals process may be made. We recommend you obtain proof of postage for all appeals correspondence. The School will then send a letter acknowledging receipt of the appeal. An appeal at Stage 2 may only be made on the grounds that the school has not followed its own admissions procedure. This is referred to as the “Permitted Grounds”. Any appeal not made on Permitted Grounds will not be allowed to proceed. It is therefore very important that the letter requesting an appeal under Stage 2 must state clearly how the school has not followed its own procedure in reaching a decision not to admit an applicant. If the Chair of Governors considers that the appeal is made on Permitted Grounds, it will be considered by an appeals panel. An appeals panels consists of three people, including a chair who is independent of the School, supported by a clerk who is also independent of the School. The appellant and School will both be required to submit evidence by a set date ahead of the meeting, and the panel may restrict the addition of further evidence after this date. The panel may undertake such enquiry into the matter as it considers appropriate and necessary to reach a determination. The panel also may choose to invite the applicant and/or parent/guardian to a meeting if this is considered necessary to better understand the grounds for the request or because the panel wishes to ask questions of the applicant or parent/guardian. After careful consideration of the request for a review and any representations made by the applicant, parent/ guardian and the school, the panel will conclude by: • upholding the original decision not to offer the applicant a place; or • provided that there is sufficient evidence before the panel that the applicant meets the required artistic standard, determine that the applicant should be offered a place [although please note that the appeal panel will not introduce its own tests to assess artistic suitability] • referring the application for admission back to the School to be considered afresh. The decision of the panel, which is final, will be communicated in writing. There will be no further right of appeal at this point. A Stage 2 appeal must be made in writing to the Chair of Governors by sending an appeal letter to arrive at the School within 14 days of the decision being communicated to the applicant. Contributions made by BRIT students and staff In the case of Key Stage 4 applicants, the parent/ guardian must write the letter. In the case of Post 16 applicants, either the applicant or their pare BwV&Fw&FRFRWGFW"FRVWGFW"W7B7FFR6V&ǐFRw&VG2f"VFw&'w&6R&VF&6&@FfV'BƖRFƖr6V"V֖2FVWf2V&Rf6&v6W6FW&wF6&6&֖W"Ɨ6V&W'FG6V6&67FWV2frW2FT%$E66BfBW2f6V&FV'&G663