Prospectus 2018/19 2018/19 - Page 39

weeks between stages; applicants will be informed whether they are to proceed to the second stage by letter. All other students will be informed by letter of the outcome as follows: • an offer of a place, conditional on successful completion of the relevant Key Stage (see 3 v), OR • an offer with special medical conditions attached (see 3 v), OR • a place on the reserve list, OR • a decision not to offer a place on the course applied for, with a recommendation that the candidate might wish to apply for an alternative course, OR • a decision not to offer a place Brief written feedback to assist in understanding the decision can be provided on written request after your application process has been completed. Requests for feedback must be received in writing within 14 days of the decision being communicated to the applicant. As the admissions process may still be ongoing, feedback may take some time although we will make every endeavour to respond to your request within six weeks. We are unable to provide feedback if it is your intention to appeal for a second chance. NB. We will endeavour to inform applicants of our final decision within four weeks of their workshop/meeting, except for those who are not progressing to the second stage of a two-stage process, who will have this decision confirmed in writing within 14 days of the first stage. If you have attended a workshop/audition, we politely request you do not contact Student Services until after this date. Please note: all decisions will be communicated via post only. We will not send any information electronically via fax, email or te lephone. 2D) Procedure following an offer When offer letters are sent, applicants are given a date by which written acceptance of the place offered must be received by the School. If the applicant fails to accept the place by the due date, it will be assumed that s/he has refused the place. 3) Further guidelines i) Out of area (see Annex A below) Out of area places are very restricted: the School received seven out of area applications for each out of area place available at Year 12 last year, with higher proportions in some performing arts subjects. Please note that candidates from outside the catchment area need to show unusual merit to be offered a place; this criterion will be reflected in the decisions made at all stages of the admissions procedure, including the initial assessment of application forms, which would need to demonstrate the candidate’s unusual merit. ii) Out of area (non UK/EEA National) The School will accept applications from parents residing overseas for a child not yet resident in the UK if the child is a UK National or has some other right to live and be educated in the UK. At the time of printing, applicants from other countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) may also apply as out of area applicants. However, in light of the UK’s planned withdrawal from the European Union, it is not clear whether EEA applicants will retain their eligibility to study in the UK for the length of the course; both applicants and the School will need to assess the implications of the legal situation during the course of the 2017/18 application process. For applicants from outside the EEA, and potentially for those from within the EEA (see above), applications will be proceeded with only if it is clear (with evidence) that the parents will be relocating to work in the UK. In such circumstances, the school will consider when the child is expected to be resident in the UK and whether the parent’s application to enter the UK has been or will be successful. In order that places offered are not wasted because they cannot be taken up, the School will not make an offer to any student resident overseas unless they have a right of residence in the UK or it is clear beyond reasonable doubt (e.g. evidenced by way of confirmation from a sponsoring employer) that the parent’s application to enter and stay in the UK will be successful. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure this is the case. Where school reports are not in English, please provide an English translation in addition to a copy of the original report. For child welfare reasons we will not accept applications from children under 16 years old whose parents intend to remain abroad. Follow us @TheBRITSchool and find us on facebook /thebritschool 37