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Admissions Policy & Procedure specialism have been allocated. Experience has shown that this will almost certainly be the case for Dance, Music, Musical Theatre and Theatre. The other courses may have availability after this date. workshop/audition/meeting, where appropriate support will be available, these candidates will be assessed against the published criteria in the same way as other candidates. • If, on receipt of a late application, all places in the chosen specialism have been allocated, or it appears from the number of applications already underway that all places are likely to have been allocated by the time these applications have been assessed, the application will be placed on a waiting list without being assessed. If places become available before the start of the academic year, applicants on the waiting list may be invited to continue the procedure as outlined in 2B) and 2C) overleaf. • Depending on which specialism has been applied for, students will be invited to participate in workshops, auditions or meetings with at least two members of The BRIT School staff, usually followed by a structured discussion. • All applications received by the relevant deadline will be dealt with entirely on their merits. • All applicants for a particular specialism will go through the same procedure (e.g. all dance students will have a workshop, all art students a viewing of work and a meeting). In addition, special consideration can be given to applicants of unusual merit who are out of catchment area up to a maximum of 10% of the intake; Refer to 3i for more information. 2B) Procedure following the school’s receipt of the application form • All complete application forms received on time will be reviewed against the criteria in section 1B(i) and applications which clearly do not fulfil these criteria may be unsuccessful at this stage. • No applicant with a Statement of Special Educational Need or an Education Health & Care Plan, nor who are Looked After children, will be excluded from the process at this point. This is in recognition that young people in these situations might require additional support in order to present themselves most fully. Having reached the • The applicant will be informed of the format at least two weeks before the due date and whether s/he has to prepare anything or bring anything to the session. • The session, whether it is workshop, audition or meeting, is intended to be with, and for the benefit of, the applicant. Therefore, parents/guardians are requested not to participate. However, parents/ guardians of KS4 applicants are expected to attend the structured discussion which may follow in case practical issues of travel, accommodation and attendance need to be discussed. Parents/ guardians of Post 16 applicants are also welcome to attend this structured discussion. • The cycle of workshops/auditions/meetings will start in January 2018 and then continue up to the end of March 2018. Additional dates may be added after this, depending upon application numbers. KS4 workshops and meetings will take place over a fixed two day period on Thursday 1st March 2018 and Friday 2nd March 2018. Please note we will be unable to see KS4 applicants at any other time. • The date given for a workshop/meeting cannot be changed unless it is for a previously arranged hospital appointment or public exam (not mock). Please include any dates and supporting documentation concerning unavailability with your application form. 2C) Procedure following workshop/ audition/meeting After each workshop/audition/meeting, decisions are made by a panel of staff, including those who have met the applicant, with a senior curriculum manager. The decision to offer a place is based on the criteria outlined previously; evidence concerning these criteria will include reports and references from current schools. Where there are two stages to the process on the same day with some applicants not progressing to the second stage, unsuccessful applicants will be informed orally at the time, with a letter of confirmation within 14 days. In some cases there is a gap of a few 36 To find out more visit