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Our curriculum Key Stage 4 3. Your Options You must select three preferences of GCSEs/BTEC; one from each of the Option Blocks to complete your study programme at The BRIT School. Block A Block B Block C Dance Art Dance Music Film Drama Drama French History Film History PE The Key Stage 4 Study Programme is made up of three parts: History Design for Stage Sociology IT Sociology Spanish 1. Strand Sociology Textiles Triple Science Spanish *Upskiller MA *Upskiller EN This is the specialist creative area you have chosen to study at The BRIT School. Five hours a week is dedicated to the Strand time and there are additional activities, rehearsals, workshops, events and performances that make up the unique BRIT educational experience. • • Film & Media Production Dance Interactive Digital Design • • • • Music Musical Theatre Theatre Visual Arts & Design 2. Your Core Curriculum Subject English Language (1 GCSE) English Literature (1 GCSE) Mathematics (1 GCSE) Combined Science (2 GCSE's or equivalent) Personal Professional Development - PPD (not examined) The BRIT School is committed to providing a broad and balanced education that values the essential knowledge, skills and understanding within National Curriculum subjects. 8 *Upskiller MA *Upskiller Strand Subjects at KS4 • *Upskiller EN The BRIT School is committed to enabling all students to succeed. The purpose of the Upskiller courses is to ensure students needing further provision and support are able to achieve the very best outcomes in GCSE English Literature, GCSE English Language and/or GCSE Maths. The Upskiller courses replace one, or in some cases, two option blocks and are allocated based on our induction testing and prior attainment data. Key Stage 4 Student Study Programme The three parts make up the students' whole Study Programme at The BRIT School Strand + Core Curriculum + Options Total hours per week = 25 Please note that at Key Stage 4 and Post 16, qualifications stated are correct at the time of printing. To find out more visit