Property Owners Handbook - Page 8

II . O V E R V IE W Bonita Bay Community Association The Bonita Bay Community Association, Inc. (“Community Association”) is the master association of Bonita Bay. All Bonita Bay homeowners automatically become members of the Community Association. The Community Association is dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty and integrity of Bonita Bay, and providing certain recreational amenities. Community Association recreational opportunities are plentiful with a private Beach Park, three recreational parks, and miles of paved pathways. The Community Association is responsible for maintenance of common grounds, roads, streetlights, lake and storm water management control, and our private parks. Community Patrol limited access control services are also part of the Community Association’s responsibilities. These activities would include checking in your visitors, issuing and installing Bonita Bay automobile decals and the BayPass barcode system at the gates. Our professionally staffed Design Review department helps guide the building process and assures long-term community quality. This department is also responsible for the enforcement of certain provisions of the Declarations of General Protective Covenants and Restrictions for Bonita Bay. If you are considering modifications to your home or landscaping, please contact our Design Review office for guidance. 6 Mission Statement The Bonita Bay Community Association will be administered so that: Homeowners are pleased with association services, real estate values are enhanced through maintenance of our common grounds and parks, and the association operates on a solid financial foundation. In the conduct of our business dealings, we strive to exhibit the highest ethical standards, treat all homeowners and employees with respect and honesty, and maintain our commitment toward environmental integrity. w w w. B o n i t a B a y Re s i d e nt s .c o m