Property Owners Handbook - Page 56

This Handbook contains only a summary of some of the important rules and regulations of the Bonita Bay community and Community Association. Not all of the rules and restrictions governing owners of property within the Bonita Bay community are mentioned herein. In addition to the Community Association, there are several individual neighborhood associations which manage their affairs through distinct homeowner or condominium associations. This Handbook is subject to the complete and definitive information set forth in the Declaration of General Protective Covenants and Restrictions for Bonita Bay, the various additional declarations of protective covenants applicable only to specific neighborhoods within Bonita Bay, the Bylaws of the Community Association, the Articles of Incorporation for the Community Association, the Rules and Regulations of the Community Association, and all amendments to each of the foregoing. Copies of the Governing Documents were given to you prior to your purchase. However, additional copies are available from the Community Office, or on the resident website, w w w. B o n i t a B a y Re s i d e nt s .c o m