Property Owners Handbook - Page 38

V. L a k e and Water M anagement Lake Guidelines In order to preserve a healthy balance of vegetation and wildlife, there are a few common sense rules and regulations which should be adhered to by property owners regarding our lakes: • No chemicals, grass clippings or any foreign substances should be introduced into any lake or natural area. • No boats or watercraft powered by gasoline or diesel fuel are permitted in any lakes. • Fishing is allowed in community lakes. Fishing on golf course lakes is prohibited. Please do not enter private property to gain access to a lake; instead, utilize Community Association common area accesses. We request that you practice “catch and release”. Fishing licenses may be required by the State of Florida. You may contact the Bonita Bay Marina Ship’s store for further licensing information. 36 • No swimming is allowed in any lake. • No docks will be allowed in any lake, except as permitted by the Community Association. • It is the abutting property owner’s responsibility to maintain the bank of the lake or natural area to the water’s edge. The bank must be kept mowed and maintained to create a neat appearance. • Property owners should not enter upon the marsh or wetland areas which are a part of the stormwater management system. • Flow ways, control structures and outfall pipes should be left clear and unobstructed. Property owners are not allowed to make any modifications or create any blockages to such flow ways. • Introduction of fish and other animals, wild or domestic, is not allowed. • In some areas, pathways are located on top of the spreader swale berms. Occasionally, after a heavy storm, stormwater will discharge by sheet flow over the top of the concrete portion of the pathway. This overtopping should not be interfered with since it is an integral part of the stormwater management system. w w w. B o n i t a B a y Re s i d e nt s .c o m