Property Owners Handbook - Page 34

I V. C ommunit y Patrol and L imited A ccess Guest Access All vehicles desiring to enter Bonita Bay without a current Bonita Bay decal or valid pass must approach the gate in the left-hand lane and come to a complete stop in front of the gate arm. Guests should give the gate officer their name and desired destination. Please discontinue cell phone conversations while communicating with the gate officer. The gate officer will then check appropriate advanced notification for authorization to enter. Guests will be required to show picture ID for verification. 32 Advance notification to the gate officer will facilitate guest access screening and prevent inconvenient delays. Such notification authorizes guests to enter at either the North or Main Gates. The officer will provide directions, if necessary, and then issue an appropriate pass. Blanket authorization for specific recurring guests may be granted by completing a Property Access Authorization form. These forms may be obtained at the Community Association Office, any gatehouse, and also on the Resident Web Site. Residents should review and keep current all database information on a regular basis to ensure that pre-approved persons are appropriate. Once approved by a resident, a recurring guest or blanket authorization will remain on the books until the resident updates this information. Pre-arranged tennis, golfing, and Backwater Jack’s lunch and dinner guests are not required to be called in to the gate by residents since the Gatehouse receives the daily tee time, court and dining sheets from Backwater Jack’s and Bonita Bay Club Golf and Tennis. Bonita Bay Club luncheon and dinner guests do need to be pre-authorized by residents, since reservation sheets are not available. Commercial Access The Commercial Entrance is located just north of Bonita Bay Boulevard. on South Bay Drive, across from The Promenade. This entrance provides access control for service providers, vendors and contractors. Contractors and w w w. B o n i t a B a y Re s i d e nt s .c o m