Property Owners Handbook - Page 33

I V. C ommunit y Patrol and L imited A ccess We do encourage you to take all necessary precautions to protect yourself, your home, and valuables. Remember, good protection starts at home. Consideration should be given to an around-the-clock utilization of an alarm system, with doors and windows locked when not at home. Remember, screened doors and windows are easily compromised by a wouldbe thief. You may also consider outdoor lighting of your home, where practical (in accordance with Design Review Guidelines). There is no substitute for being aware and taking adequate precautions to protect yourself and your valuables. Each resident, family member and guest is solely responsible for his or her own safety and the security of their own belongings. The Community Association makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, with regard to the effectiveness of any security measures undertaken within the community. Community Access Two entry gates are manned by Community Patrol Officers for resident, member and social guest access. Our Gate officers will make every effort to ensure that you, your family and guests are processed quickly and treated professionally. Occasional delays will occur and we request your patience and understanding. Adherence to the guidelines in the following sections will help streamline your involvement with our process. Property Owner Access Bonita Bay property owners and members of their household are provided an annual automobile windshield decal and side window Bay-Pass (Personal Access Security System) for vehicles owned or leased in their name, allowing easy entrance through any resident traffic lane. To ensure ease of access for all residents, we cannot install decals or Bay-PASS tags on vehicles other than those identified as belonging to property owners and household members who have been properly verified as permanent residents. Various temporary passes are available for guests, lessees and renters. Resident lanes are identified as such and should only be used by those vehicles displaying an annual decal and equipped with a Bay-Pass (barcode). Bay-PASS lanes are clearly marked at each gate where they have been installed. Vehicles without a Bay-PASS (barcode) should not enter through automated resident lanes. Please follow the gate officer’s instructions when passing through the gate area. Only one car is allowed through the gate at a time. If you attempt to tailgate the automobile in front of you, the gate may automatically drop on your vehicle causing damage. Therefore, we ask that you pass through only when cleared by the automated gate system or when instructed by the gate officer. w w w. B o n i t a B a y Re s i d e nt s .c o m 31