Property Owners Handbook - Page 25

III . C ommunit y A ssociation Par k s , Pathway s and R oadway s Pathways Bonita Bay has miles of pathways throughout the community. Our pathways provide access through the community for pedestrians, bicyclists, and joggers. We request that you utilize these paths when they are available and remain off of the roadways. No motorized vehicles of any type are permitted on any of the pathways other than necessary Community Association maintenance vehicles. Along Country Club Drive, near the Creekside Golf Course, there are golf cart paths and golf maintenance paths for the use of golf carts and golf maintenance vehicles only. No pedestrians, bicyclists, or joggers are permitted on golf course cart paths. For your safety, please adhere to all temporary road and/or path “closed” signs. These signs have been placed there for your safety, and venturing along that path may be dangerous. For your safety and enjoyment, we ask that you adhere to the following pathway rules: 1. N  o motorized vehicles are permitted on any pathways other than necessary Community Association maintenance vehicles. 7. F  or the safety of all children, please be sure they do not zigzag from one side to the other. This is dangerous for them as well as others. 2. Stay to the right except when passing. 8. If you meet a friend and decide to chat, for your safety, please move to the side of the path. 3. P  ass on the left with caution, using an audible warning such as “passing on the left”. 4. In consideration of and safety to others, do not walk or ride two or more abreast. 5. W  hen rounding blind corners, cyclists and roller-bladers should slow down and use caution. 9. Community Association rules require that all dogs must be leashed while walking. Please use a short leash while on the pathways. Longer leashes can become tangled with other trail users and could cause injury. 10. In consideration of others, always pick up after your pets. 6. W  hen approaching two-way traffic, bikers and skaters should slow down and use caution. w w w. B o n i t a B a y Re s i d e nt s .c o m 23