Property Owners Handbook - Page 24

III . C ommunit y A ssociation Par k s , Pathway s and R oadway s 7. FISHING - Fishing is allowed. Fish cleaning is not. However, a fish cleaning station is available at the Marina. Fishing licenses may be required by law. Please contact the Bonita Bay Marina for licensing information. 22 water. Please contact the North Gate for details (239-498-7173). 8. CANOE STORAGE - Residents who own a canoe may lease a storage rack from the Community Association. Availability is on a first come, first served basis. When applicable, a waiting list is maintained by the Community Association. 10. BASKETBALL / BOCCE BALL - To use the equipment for the basketball hoop or bocce ball court, please locate the equipment room with the coded lock (next to the restrooms) and use the following code to remove the equipment - press “5” then “1” then “enter”. We do ask that all equipment be replaced when finished so that all residents and guests are able to enjoy them as well. 9. CANOE/KAYAK PROGRAM - A complimentary Community Canoe/Kayak Program is available to residents and their guests who might enjoy some time on the 11. PLAYGROUND - Children should be properly supervised when enjoying the playground. Please do not leave small children unattended. Road and Traffic Regulations It is the responsibility of Bonita Bay Community Association, through its Community Patrol Department, to establish and enforce traffic and safety regulations within Bonita Bay Community common roadways. The neighborhood associations are responsible for the maintenance of the roadways within their respective neighborhoods, and Community Patrol Officers maintain a visible presence within all neighborhoods as well as the common streets. Located in this handbook, you will find a map of the community as well as a list of all boulevard and street names in both alphabetical order and by individual neighborhood. All vehicles should be prepared to stop at any time and yield to golf carts, bicyclists, joggers, and pedestrians. Golf carts are not permitted to operate on roadways or pathways other than approved crossings established by Bonita Bay. Speed limit signs are posted on all roadways, and we request that you and your guests adhere to all posted speed limit and stop signs within the community for the safety of all residents, employees and guests. At times, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office patrols our streets and issues citations or warnings for observed traffic violations. Also on a regular basis, Bonita Bay Community Patrol Officers conduct self-awareness and traffic enforcement through the use of a certified radar speed display sign. A written violation will be issued for all traffic violations witnessed within the community by the Community Patrol Officers. w w w. B o n i t a B a y Re s i d e nt s .c o m