Property Owners Handbook - Page 16

III . C ommunit y A ssociation Par k s , Pathway s and R oadway s PAVILION USE – pavilions, picnic tables and grills are available on a first come, first served basis. Staff attendants will assist you in finding accommodations appropriate to the number of people in your party. Grills are to be used by adults only. In consideration of others who will be using the grills after you, please clear away any cooking debris. Two utility-tubs are available for cleanup of utensils, plates, pots, pans, etc. Waste receptacles are also conveniently located nearby. 14 RESERVATIONS – reservations are accepted on a limited basis. Events that entail the solicitation of business will not be permitted. Only a portion of the Beach Park can be reserved, in order to make space available to the greatest number of homeowners. Reservations can be made at the Beach Park. For a complete outline of reservation policies contact the Beach Park. becomes a nuisance to neighboring homes or other guests will not be permitted. WATERCRAFT – water scooters and other motor crafts, such as Wave Runners and Jet Skis, are not allowed at the Beach Park. PETS – pets are not permitted at the Beach Park. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES – Alcoholic beverages may be enjoyed in the pavilions, however in accordance with Lee County ordinance, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the beach and offenders can be ticketed by the Sheriff’s Department. If alcoholic beverages are to be served, the sponsor of the event will assume full responsibility for any resulting accidents. Questions regarding the Beach Park rules and regulations may be addressed to the Beach Park staff directly, or the Community Association Office. MUSIC – music is allowed at levels which will not create a disturbance to surrounding neighborhoods. Any activities or noise which w w w. B o n i t a B a y Re s i d e nt s .c o m